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What Next? 2017

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Due to the decline in activities in recent years consideration has to be given as to whether this Club should be wound up, merged with a similar organisation or continue operating as an incorporated body. For the continuation of the Club as it stands, volunteers are needed to take on executive rolls, as the existing committee has run its course and the members are ready to move on. Should the forming a new committee be unsuccessful, a Resolution will be put to wind up the Coowonga Folk Club Inc. The Club has a small Financial Holding and a quantity of electronic sound and lighting equipment. If it is wound up, These assets will have to be distributed amongst similar Organisations in accordance with Queensland Department of Fair Trading rules.

A Meeting will be held at The Queen Street Hall Yeppoon on Saturday 6th May at 1pm to finalise this issue.

All interested parties are invited to attend this Meeting.