About Us

A simply outstanding community club for everyone who enjoys music and fellowship.

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What it’s About

The Coowonga Folk Club was established in1995 as a non-profit organization to foster music and performance of all types and styles, catering for the people of the Rockhampton/Capricorn Coast area.

The Cub encompasses a broad variety of musical styles, interpreting the term “Folk” in the context of the Club’s motto, “Music by the people for the people”.Styles embraced therefore include everything from traditional acoustic folk music be it Celtic, Bush, World, Blues, or contemporary through to Jazz, Gypsy, Acapella, & various genres of Rock & Roll. Despite a natural preference for acoustic-oriented music, we invariably feature at least one “electric” band at our events, so those who like to dance or even manically bang their heads are kept happy. Just as long as the music is interesting, entertaining and honest. (ie sequencers &/or prerecorded backing tracks etc., are not really welcome!)

The Club is particularly keen to provide a platform for original works and interpretations as well as for styles and genres outside or beyond the mainstream commercial arena.

Apart from music, the full range of performance arts are encouraged, including dance, storytelling, poetry, theatre, street theatre etc.

What the Club Does, When & Where

The Club gets together on the second Friday of the month at the Yeppoon RSL in Normanby street for an open Mic session.  Artists are invited to perform and admission if free.

The Club also organizes other events such as Bobfest during the year and members also get involved in the annual Village Festival.


Are drawn mainly from the local area and include some of the region’s most gifted musicians and artists. Southern Artists are also occasionally brought up to perform.

Budding, untried and “occasional” performers are also encouraged and are either scheduled into the Program or welcomed to play on an ad hoc basis for the “Come all Ye” session included in each event.

A full range of quality sound equipment is provided with mixing carried out by an experienced sound engineer.


The Coowonga Folk Club is a fully Incorporated body with the usual Office Bearers (President, Secretary, Treasurer etc.) who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

A key position is that of the Events Coordinator who maintains contacts with local artists and arranges for the performances at the Music Events.